• Elevate Branding options


     Elevate is a new range of high quality garments from Canada
     with unique branding options available:

     First, decide whether you want a specialty finish like gold, silver or chrome. Then send us your logo, and we'll take care of the rest. It's as easy as 1, 2, 3.

     HXD is versatile - you can use it on any of our styles. But it's particularly well-suited to wovens, baseball caps, softshell jackets and polos. HXD has also wash tested (up to 25 washes).

     HXD uses a patented manufacturing process to combine the best attributes of two methods: the surface interest and high perceived value of embroidery, and the unlimited colour, incredible detail and location versatility of True EdgeTM Transfer.

     HXD is remarkably durable, allowing it to be used on everything from high-end automobiles to textiles. The adhesives have been tested for both washing machines and dry cleaning, and HXD will be available for almost every garment we sell.

     HXD adds both a reflective quality and new dimension to subtle tone-on-tone decoration.
    ElevateEmboss - Deboss
     Deboss creates a subtle tone-on-tone look with a die that's heat pressed into the material:

     * Ideal for waterproof fabrics
     * Striking 3D appearance
     * Works equally well on all colours
     * Unlimited wash ability
    ElevateEmbroid - Embroidery
     With thread colours to match any logo, embroidery is always a popular choice:

     * Classic look
     * Perfect for left/right chest & biceps
     Laser can be applied at virtually any location even overs seams & zippers:

     * Smooth, glossy fish
     * Unlimited wash ability
     * Best on mid-range colours
    ElevateTransfer - True edge transfer

     This cutting-edge heat-transfer process produces remarkable clarity and precision:

     * Text as small as 8-point front
     * Precision alternative to "sticker" or "label" appearance
     * Access to locations that can't be reached with an embroidery hoop
     * Four-colour process or spot colour
     * Alternative to embroidery for thin garments

     Lead times are approximately 3 weeks from art sign off. 

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