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    Aged Care

    Aged Care professionals work in an active environment which places many different demands on the garments they wear. They need clothing that enables them to move freely, remain comfortable and still look smart and professional. 

     By developing a branded, pre-determined uniform range, Aged Care facilities can provide stylish clothing that stands up to the demands of the different roles their employees play and at the same time, establish a great brand for the organisation. 

     A pre-determined range means you can assign specific coloured uniforms to different divisions of your organisation which helps residents and family members to recognise staff in specific roles within your team.

     CorporateUniformsAustralia.com.au helps you develop a branded uniform range to build your brand, enables your staff to present a professional image and assists in managing your budget. In addition, we can assist you with the style, range, and size selection you need for all of your team members. 

     This can include fitting out a complete wardrobe for individual staff members within particular sectors of the organisation as well as enabling you to purchase individual items as required. Talk to us about how a branded, pre-determined uniform range can help:

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     St Basil's Homes

     St Basil's Homes has a mission to provide standard of care and service to our residents and clients in order that they may enjoy the maximum quality of life within a safe secure and caring environment.

     A crucial aspect of our care is maintaining a high level of professionalism amongst our staff. The way in which they present themselves forms a very important part of this. By providing appropriately branded uniforms we encourage a sense of belonging for our team members and enable them to present a professional image.

     By using specific colours to distinguish the various staff roles we can also make it easier for our residents and clients to recognise the appropriate staff member when they require assistance.

     We appreciate the service and guidance received from Corporate Uniforms Australia in establishing an approved branding standard for our uniforms. We also appreciate the additional effort they have gone to in creating an Online ordering tool just for St Basil's.

     The Online ordering process makes reordering easy and we can track where expenditure has occurred. All of this assists us in our role of providing the very best of care.

     Evi Giameos
       General Manager Information & Projects,
       St Basil's Homes

     Contact Us or call +61 3 9802-5288
       for a quote and catalogue

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    Items: 112 of 23