• Why Choose Us


    Corporate Uniforms Australia has been providing uniforms and branding solutions for over 4000 businesses and clients in Australia and overseas since 2005. We have worked hard to build our reputation in the industry, but…

     We are not just a uniform supplier

    Corporate Uniforms Australia is a brand specialist who can help protect your brand investment with uniforms that are professional, brand specific, stylish and the right fit for your team and the various roles they perform.  Clearly branded uniforms are a marketing opportunity so we make sure that your brand stands out with uniforms that have your people presenting well, feeling great, looking the part, and generating team spirit!


    Your brand is our concern

    Corporate Uniforms Australia brings together all the elements required to create professional, brand-specific garments to your requirements. We set ourselves apart by:

    • Only selecting products and services of appropriate quality and reliability
    • Undertaking ongoing due diligence on all our preferred suppliers
    • Offering an exclusive range with a wide selection of colours and styles
    • Availability of our range usually for a period of 3-5 years to ensure continuity of supply
    • Investment in state-of-the-art IT to ensure efficiency and easy online access
    • Availability of an exclusive, customised solution to help you manage employee entitlements across several departments


    Why Choose Us?

    The professional representation of your brand is our number 1 priority. Corporate Uniforms Australia takes the stress out of the process by providing you with assistance on a number of levels:

    Expert staff

     We help you select suitable garments and products for your whole team or event
     Product Range

     Huge selection of corporate uniforms, workwear and accessories to suit most budgets and styles
     Logo Design

     We offer design services to make sure your logo coordinates with your uniform and is suitable for embroidery or printing
    Promotional and

     Spread the word and establish your corporate identity with branded promotional items
     Exclusive Online
     Ordering System

     We provide a stress-free way to manage and administer the uniforms process with our custom online ordering system
     Decorators and

     We collaborate with our vendors to ensure the highest quality so that your brand is professionally presented
    Local Suppliers
     and Showroom

     We have suppliers based in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth ensuring continuity of supply and shorter lead times


     Need a more proprietary solution? You got it! Ask about our custom manufacturing program
     Australia and

     We use only reputable – and reliable – freight companies

     Contact Us or call +61 3 9802-5288
     for a quote and catalogue