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    Corporate Uniforms Australia has been providing uniforms and branding solutions since 2005. But many clients do not know what is required to achieve the best result form a Corporate Uniform specialist.

     So here are some of the main points to consider when purchasing your next Corporate Uniform:

    Pharmaceutical Staff and special event uniform 

    Plunkets Pharmaceuticals

     Timing and lead times for Australia:  

    • Unbranded Uniforms

        • If you place an unbranded order online by 2:00 PM each day your order will normally ship the next day and deliver 1-3 days later depending upon your Australian location.
    • Branded Uniforms

        • Delivery of branded uniforms will take approx 2 weeks depending upon your location.

    Branding our uniforms

     You should contact us by email or by calling us direct on +61 3 9802-5288.
     You may not have everything we need at first so give us a call and discuss what you do have.

     So, ideally what we will need to know:

      • Your estimated quantities required
      • Your logo or branding requirements

     Contact Us or call +61 3 9802-5288
      for a quote and catalogue