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Stylish, practical uniforms add to your brand awareness and present a great impression of your team. Developing a pre-determined uniform range helps you build your brand, enables your staff to present a professional image and assists in managing your budget. A pre-determined range also assists your customers to recognise staff in specific roles within your team. can assist you with the style, range, and size selection you need for your industry-specific uniforms.

We offer sophisticated options for your Business, Corporate and industry needs including:
  • Office and business wear
  • Aged Care
  • Airline
  • Beauty
  • Customer service
  • Fitness
  • Front-of-house
  • Healthcare
  • Hi Vis work wear
  • Hospitality
  • Work wear

As well as a range of work wear options to help you meet your OH&S requirements, our range also includes a huge variety of polos, t-shirts, jackets and shirts perfect for your next corporate event or promotional opportunity.

We help you find the right options for your industry and company by offering:
  • A diverse range of uniforms and work wear
  • Whole wardrobe options for individual staff members within a particular role or division of your business
  • Appropriate uniforms for all your staff members throughout your company
  • Uniforms branded specifically to your company
  • Styles that are easily co-ordinated to add diversity to your staffs’ appearance
  • Extra garment pieces when required
  • Solutions to your specific needs
  • Uniforms available on an ongoing basis

Realise continuity of your investment with branded uniforms. For larger organisations or businesses wishing to provide role-specific uniforms for their whole team, we offer the benefit of state-of-the art technology providing:
  • Assistance with developing your brand-specific uniform range
  • A personalised website branded to your company
  • The convenience of ordering Online
  • Online access to the whole uniform range
  • The ability to track orders Online by department and budget
  • Easy-to-create reports to track your expenditure

See what our customers say about our range and service

Meat & Livestock Australia Limited (MLA)
    • Meat & Livestock Australia Limited (MLA) delivers marketing, research and development services for Australia's cattle, sheep and goat producers. We contacted to assist us with the provision of appropriately branded garments for a special international conference being attended by a number of MLA and industry representatives as well as accessing a range of branded garments for resale to our members via the Australian Butchers’ Guild website.

    • was able to provide a large range of options and styles and advise us on different qualities of textiles in relation to usability and practicality. They also provided further advice and assistance regarding the application of our logo design and helped us determine that a thermal laser print was the most appropriate for our specific purposes.

    • Hayden and Helen responded to our requests in a timely and professional manner and followed up on all of our calls as we went through the process. Our representatives required 1940’s-style dust coats to wear for the competition stage of the conference as well as quality branded suits for their attendance at a formal functions where they are required to represent Australia. Our order included polo shirts and hats branded with the sponsor logo for our promotional purposes.

    • Working with a supplier that has such an extensive range and warehousing in Australia was a bonus in real time. It helped to streamline the process and provided ease and speed in getting to market with these garments. We were able to see branded samples and try sizes straight away without having to wait on shipping times from overseas.

    • Having a standardised branding for uniforms and corporate garments for our members means we are able to present our brand in a professional manner and ensure continuity of branding for MLA.

Yours sincerely
Stephen Pocock
Trade Marketing Manager
Meat & Livestock Australia

Industry Uniforms - Airline

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Branded Scarves and Ties

Offer variety and a touch of polish to staff uniforms with the range
of branded scarves and ties available through:

Industry Uniforms – Hospitality

From front-of-house to the kitchen, your staff can look smart while enjoying
the comfort of garments specifically tailored for their roles.

Industry Uniforms - Beauty

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