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    We help you build your brand by providing:

    • An extensive selection of garments for Corporate, Business and Office staff including:
      • A wide range of Corporate, Business and Work Wear updated throughout the year
      • Garments for any business need, special event or situation
      • Hi Vis work wear garments including fire retardant work wear
    • Development of an approved branding standard for all styles of uniforms
    • Development of an approved uniform catalogue specific to your requirements
    • Sophisticated and large scale embroidery, screen print and branding options

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    Online ordering:

    The most popular question we get is can we supply online ordering and logistics?

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    Corporate and Business Uniforms

    Mix and Match individual pieces for a unique look
     style, and colours to suit your business needs.

    Brand specific uniforms build more than brand awareness:

    • Employees are empowered by feeling part of a team and are proud to wear a great uniform
    • Staff become a walking advertisement for your company, your values and service
    • Branding provides great marketing for the dollars you spend
       – Word of Mouth is priceless
    • Your staff’s professional appearance improves brand awareness
    • Work wear not only promotes the brand, it improves safety and meets OH&S requirements


    See what our customers say about our range

    St Basil's Homes
    St Basil's Homes has a mission to provide standard of care and service to our residents and clients in order that they may enjoy the maximum quality of life within a safe secure and caring environment.

    A crucial aspect of our care is maintaining a high level of professionalism amongst our staff. The way in which they present themselves forms a very important part of this. By providing appropriately branded uniforms we encourage a sense of belonging for our team members and enable them to present a professional image.

    By using specific colours to distinguish the various staff roles we can also make it easier for our residents and clients to recognise the appropriate staff member when they require assistance.

    We appreciate the service and guidance received from Corporate Uniforms Australia in establishing an approved branding standard for our uniforms. We also appreciate the additional effort they have gone to in creating an Online ordering tool just for St Basil's.

    The Online ordering process makes reordering easy and we can track where expenditure has occurred. All of this assists us in our role of providing the very best of care.

    Evi Giameos
     General Manager Information & Projects,
     St Basil's Homes

    Meat & Livestock Australia Limited (MLA)
    Meat & Livestock Australia Limited (MLA) delivers marketing, research and development services for Australia's cattle, sheep and goat producers. We contacted Corporate Uniforms Australia to assist us with the provision of appropriately branded garments for a special international conference being attended by a number of MLA and industry representatives as well as accessing a range of branded garments for resale to our members via the Australian Butchers’ Guild website.

    Corporate Uniforms Australia was able to provide a large range of options and styles and advise us on different qualities of textiles in relation to usability and practicality. They also provided further advice and assistance regarding the application of our logo design and helped us determine that a thermal laser print was the most appropriate for our specific purposes.

    Hayden and Helen responded to our requests in a timely and professional manner and followed up on all of our calls as we went through the process. Our representatives required 1940’s-style dust coats to wear for the competition stage of the conference as well as quality branded suits for their attendance at a formal functions where they are required to represent Australia. Our order included polo shirts and hats branded with the sponsor logo for our promotional purposes.

    Working with a supplier that has such an extensive range and warehousing in Australia was a bonus in real time. It helped to streamline the process and provided ease and speed in getting to market with these garments. We were able to see branded samples and try sizes straight away without having to wait on shipping times from overseas.

    Having a standardised branding for uniforms and corporate garments for our members means we are able to present our brand in a professional manner and ensure continuity of branding for MLA.

    Yours sincerely
     Stephen Pocock
     Trade Marketing Manager
     Meat & Livestock Australia


    Embroidery is available in almost any size or colour using
     the latest technologies and modern embroidery machines.

     Please call for a quote. 

    Screen Print

    Screen Print is available for most garments and is effective 
     where larger logos or images are required. 


    100% Print coverage to suit your branding requirements. 

    Logistics and delivery

    A key component to your ability to improve and maintain your corporate branding is to achieve consistency in the professional appearance of your staff throughout every section of your business.To assist you in this pursuit, we have enhanced your experience of sourcing quality corporate and service garments for all of your staff by implementing a number of marketing innovations:

    • An easy-to-use customer-specific website
      • A virtual web-store with access to detailed information on all of our product range, personalised to your specific business, to ensure greater efficiency and accuracy throughout the whole purchase process
    • Online ordering and reporting
      • Giving you the freedom to re-order where required, whether for a whole team or individual staff members
      • Automated reporting for maximum control
      • Automated budget control, if required
      • Electronic approval authorities, if required
    • Site visit, by appointment only:
      • An opportunity for you to attend the uniform showroom and warehouse to view the complete range and determine appropriate colours, styles and textile blends for your individual environment and location
    • Samples
      • Delivery of samples to your premises can be arranged to assist the ordering process and ensure your complete satisfaction
    • Logistics
      • Managing overall logistics of sourcing, branding and delivery which can include provision of uniforms in individual packaging for each employee.


    • Delivery using DHL Express and TNT
    • Providing prompt delivery worldwide usually within 5 days

    Managing overall logistics

    • Sourcing, branding and delivery which can include provision of uniforms in individual packaging for each employee


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